Paradise Stories and Other 2008 Events

08-list-banner-150.jpgThe Liverpool Culture Company recently released a long list of events for the 2008 Capital of Culture Year.

Its a great list but, of course, it is nowhere near a complete list. They could not include everything – the list would be too long, it may not include events where they have no involvement with funding or support or they simply may not know about them because the organisers may not have communicated.

Anyway, you will hopefully have noticed that I have created a section on the listings pages for all the 08 events and I am happy to add any more if people just send me the info.

One noticeable missing item is our own Liverpool Art Prize exhibition which we can now confirm is taking place from Feb 29 to April 10 2008. So I have added that to the list.

Another recent addition for March 08 is Kai-Oi Jay Yung’s Paradise Stories

jay-yung-1.jpgParadise Stories Spurred by the endless quest to attain utopian ideals of Shambhala (Tibeten, Indian, Chinese…?),

Kai-Oi Jay Yung’s Paradise Stories seeks to unlock any ‘true’ notion of paradise through transformation of two Liverpool gallery spaces into disparate multi-sensory environments.

Both interpret modern day paradise in response to rapid economic progress and man’s attempt to make sense of living since our supposed fall.

Yung’s decision to deploy paradise in two sites; The Renew Rooms and The International Gallery, has been arrived at as part of the curatorial and artistic process. Both venues are physically located within a burgeoning 2008 Capital of Culture, yet it is also important for Yung to invite interpretations of Paradise from across our continents. For this reason, Yung’s own interdisciplinary recreation of paradise will grow within the highly polished traditionally architecture/design space of The Renew Rooms, whilst the artist deploys the alternative space of The International Gallery to orchestrate works of X selected international artists who instigate their own investigations into the utopian thematic.

Yung’s transformation of The Renew Room’s will focus upon stories from Liverpool’s inhabitants across boroughs, backgrounds, ages, occupations and ethnicities. Through her insatiable inquisition of one to one investigation, chance meetings, and contrived participatory activity, her video installation will voice modern day vices, loss, aspirations and solidarity.
Simultaneously in The International gallery, Yung curates the works of artists from Portland to Stuttgart working across live performance to sound art and photography to collage a physical paradise and question its universalism.

Taking place throughout the course of the exhibition at both sites will be opportunities for participation through workshops and ad hoc events. Paradise Stories will not only be a reflection on what we lack across religious, political, economic ‘Paradise’…, but perhaps bring a little utopian joy into the lives of our city; a physical bi-polaric that surely facilitates more paradise for everyone.

Venues – Note. Times to be confirmed.
Private View:
Tuesday 4th March 2008 6-8pm The Renew Rooms followed by street interaction piece leading to close proximity
The International Gallery 8-10pm.

The Renew Rooms: Exhibition dates: 4-28 March 2008

The International gallery: Exhibition dates: 4-21st March 2008