McCartney & Starr to Perform at Liverpool 08 (Separately)

liverpool08.comApologies for the lengthy posting – this is the full press release from today.


The City of Liverpool today, unveiled a spectacular programme of events for its year as European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Sir Paul McCartney returns to his native city to headline ‘The Liverpool Sound’ concert at Anfield Stadium on June 1 while fellow ex Beatle Ringo Starr and Eurythmic Dave Stewart will head up ‘Liverpool The Musical’ at the opening of the brand new Liverpool Echo Arena on January 12 2008.

The programme revealed today sees collaboration between the Liverpool Culture Company and major cultural institutions, artists, performers and venues throughout Liverpool, Merseyside, and beyond. Today’s announcement coincided with the launch of a ticket ballot for a number of major events including the official opening event of the 2008 programme at the Liverpool Echo Arena and The Liverpool Sound at Anfield Stadium.

The Liverpool Sound

This once-in-a-lifetime concert to celebrate Liverpool’s unrivalled status as the World’s Capital of pop, rock and contemporary music will be a global event. It will be a multi-artist concert in front of 35,000 people at the world famous Anfield Football Stadium headlined by Sir Paul McCartney and his band and will also feature, live on stage, global superstars of popular music, to be announced at a later date. Millions of viewers will also see this celebration of Liverpool on television and online as it will be broadcast live to a worldwide audience. This will be the first and last global concert ever to be staged at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club, before it relocates. It is well documented that world famous artists and musicians cite the Liverpool music scene as an inspiration to them and their music, and now, that music has travelled around the world and will, in 2008 at The Liverpool Sound, come back home to be redefined in the place it was born.

Sir Paul McCartney said “I’m very excited about Liverpool being the European Capital of Culture in 2008. We have a fantastic series of events which are sure to get you excited too. I’m very proud of the city and I look forward to welcoming you all and showing you a good time. It’s going to be a great year!


  1. Are the Liverpool Culture Company going to publish a budget on this and show how such will be funded?
    Yes, there may have been a restructuring, but part deficits already admitted with the full economic implications and repercussions yet to be fully seen, so how is this being funded?

  2. It seems to me that Liverpool will have a Beijing style front so that everyone who visits will have a great time and say ‘oh what a marvel’. The people who have lived and worked in the city [if they haven’t already] will be forced to find new studios, places to work, or accommodation due to rent increases / luxury apartments being built. Paul McCartney returning – so why did he leave? And the Turner Prize, full of artists from the area so I’m glad about that. Looking forward to it already!

  3. Reality is the property market here is likely to collapse. Not being negative, but realistic here. The national property market has been unstable of recent and the government intervening to try to reconcile, but realistically they will not do that all the time. With the previous overspends by the Culture Company these will be passed onto the people of the city. Such has never been fully clarified. It is difficult to be positive, but one has to try, but certainly not blind. As noted, I would wantto know how do they intend to fund this programme? This is half the problem with the city. It is okay to have grand ideas, but everything has a price. In terms of the property market here, it will be hit as every other place in the country when the market falls drastically and this will happen come what may. The economy of Liverpool is a false one, as there is no real infrastructure to sustain the excessive spending pattern. When it hits crisis, most of those luxury, dollhouse accommodations, they affectionately refer to as studio living, one of socialite inclinations, the government or something other large funding source will be found and believe me most will end up as social residencial housing and bought cheap to resolve the embarrasment of property market crash, empty accommodation and more. I only wish this would not be so, but the trend that has ensued will continue and the current economic climate of the city is certainly not strong enough to hit by a national fall in property market.

  4. Hi. I want to bring an interesting photographic exhibition from New Zealand to exhibit at the Festival 2008. I originally come from Bootle and have been living in Auckland New Zealand for 14 years. I travel around the Pacific alot documenting Tattoo cultures from that vast region. I have curated an exhibition ‘The Liing Art of Pacific Tattoo’. This exhibition has visited Tahiti, Milan, Auckland, Amsterdam, London, and selected cities in New Zealand. This exhibition is of Documentary Photography and Moving Image Artworks. Can anyone please advise me where would be a great place to exhibit this fantastic cultural and provoking exhibition. http//

  5. I visited Liverpool in 2005 and 2006, and I’ll be returning in May of 2008. I am hopeful that the excitement generated by this Arts festival will cultivate a climate of creativity for the city. Being from the USA, we have a mortgage crisis, credit crunch, unpopular war, and ever-increasing gasoline prices; we’re recession bound, so I understand the trepidation of the previous people who have posted. I am a musician too! My website contains lots of free downloads, but Liverpudlians are great folk, and I enjoy mixing among them. Best of Luck with the festival. Can’t wait.


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