2008 Events – February Listing




1st February – 5th May Niki de Saint Phalle

Tate Liverpool will present the first major UK exhibition of the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), who is best-known for her Fontaine Stravinsky works on display outside the Centre Pompidou.

The exhibition will be a comprehensive survey of Niki de Saint Phalle’s career and will include key examples of all phases of her work; from her early assemblages and paintings in the 1950s, her acclaimed Shooting Paintings in the early 1960s, her religious altars and bride sculptures in the mid 1960s, her collaborative work with Tinguely, the Nanas and larger sculptural works, a wide selection of graphic work, to her late works including the Skull Meditation Room 1990.

Tate Liverpool
5th – 9th February Anima

A Liverpool Commission, commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company for European Capital of Culture 2008. Delivered by Momentum – one of Liverpool’s most up-and-coming physical theatre/dance groups. Anima is based on dreams and the subconscious life. The piece which is the third part of Momentum’s trilogy on the exploration of life, explores the dynamics between the conscious and subconscious, maintaining the company’s acclaimed use of ancient myth, in a quest for discovery and understanding of the human essence.

The piece looks at that blurred line between dream and reality and explores the bizarre, distorted world of the dreamer where anything is possible. Personal statements, dreams and ideas merge with universal stories to produce an innovative, highly visual, and thought provoking piece of physical theatre. This personal journey explores the way that reality and our dream world effect each other, and experiments with the conflict and the unity within each of us. Anima is highly visual and experiments with innovative lighting design, projection, animation and live music from an experienced creative team.

Unity Theatre
1st Feb – 30th March SK-Interfaces

SK-Interfaces launches FACT’s Human Futures programme exploring the idea of skin as a technological interface. The first exhibition of its kind in the UK, SK-Interfaces includes the work of artists that use biology as a material for art and new commissions from artists including the legendary Orlan and award winning Polish artist and architect Zbigniew Oksiuta.

International curator Jens Hauser has devised a concept that highlights the research potential of art transforming FACT’s exhibition spaces into a hybrid lab / art space where visitors will experience an engaging, critical and thoughtprovoking approach to how current technologies are changing our perceptions of the body and bridging the gap between science and art.

8th – 9th February SK-Interfaces Conference

An event discussing the aesthetic, philosophical and medical issues raised in the exhibition and the wider debates on and around skin and its role as an interface.

22nd – 23rd February Ken Dodd & Liverpool Laughter Makers

Ken Dodd’s gift to the Capital of Culture celebrations is a unique take on the great comedians from the city’s past. One of the most defining cultural characteristics of Liverpool is its unique humour and there is no denying that the banks of the Mersey have spawned more than their fair share of great comics (and Prime Ministers!) Ken Dodd will in his own inimitable style give the city a special celebration of all those great comedians from Liverpool’s history who more than most kept the country smiling during the dark days of the war and whose light-hearted approach to life proved the country’s secret weapon against Hitler. (Part of the ‘cultural conversations’ strand).

St Georges Hall
25th February – 19th March Shakespeare Youth Festival

The Shakespeare Youth Festival enables 16-21 years olds UK-wide to set up their own theatre company to produce and perform an abridged Shakespeare play in a professional theatre.



28th February John Tavener Requiem

A world premiere, commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company for Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. Performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir. Sir John Tavener has long drawn inspiration from orthodox and other sacred sources; he recently produced his own epic all-night vigil, The Veil of the Temple, which embraces many of the great religious traditions.

Now, at a time of seemingly global strife, his new Requiem is an attempt to reconcile the world’s warring religions through music and through contemplation of the final journey that we all share. Within the circular nave of the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral, four groups of performers, set out in the shape of a cross, will represent the four great faiths of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam, while a solo cello in their midst will symbolise the ‘Primordial Light’ from which we take our starting-point and to which we all return at the end.

In Tavener’s words: ‘I envisage the final movement as a huge affirmation of the ONENESS of God, as all four groups pulsate round a vast building singing I AM in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic and Greek.’

Liverpool Metropolitan
Feb – Apr The Liverpool Art Prize – Exhibition

Six short-listed artists – 1 Winner
Opens Feb 29 2008
Ends April 10 2008

CUC North West
February – October (3rd Friday of
each month)
The Potting Shed

A Liverpool Commission, commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company for European Capital of Culture 2008. Monthly cabaret evenings on board Walk the Plank’s theatre ship in the Canning Dock (Parking at the Albert Dock).

Scratch performance and music from emerging and experienced artists…an exciting mix of the best of Liverpool’s home grown talent, and special guests from further afield, including Barcelona, Basel and Copenhagen … comedy, burlesque, magic, impro, theatre and spoken word, with installations, assignations, and music aplenty – as the house band entertain with tunes to suit each evening’s theme, guest singers, and our late night DJs offer unusual tunes from Balkan beats to deviant country … each germ of an idea fed, watered and nurtured for your delectation and delight with an emphasis on the visual, the physical, the political, the grotesque, the underground, the eccentric and the eclectic. Guest ‘Head Gardeners’ choose the theme and curate the evening’s entertainment, so that you can expect the best in organic ideas and a pest-free environment.

MV Fitzcarraldo, Canning Dock
February / March It’s Not OK!’ homophobic bullying project

The fourth project in the ‘It’s Not OK!’ series focuses on homophobic bullying and will target young people from 12 – 16 years, with the Homotopia LGBT festival and Armistead Centre gay health project as key partners. Ariel Trust will work with young people from a range of settings and backgrounds to explore and investigate the sensitive issues surrounding homophobia and homophobic bullying.

Young people will be encouraged to explore, reflect and challenge behaviour and attitudes. This exploration work will inform research and form part of the development of an educational resource pack and CD ROM. Consultation workshops and seminars will also be conducted with PSHE teachers, youth workers, key partners and healthy schools professionals as part of the development of the resource pack and CD ROM.