08 culture plan launched

From the Capital of Culture guys…..

08 culture plan launched

Liverpool unveils £94m budget to pay for 2008 celebrations
2005-09 business plan aims to deliver best ever European Capital of Culture
90% of funding secured to lay foundations for lasting legacy

Liverpool is to invest more than £35m in to the city’s arts scene for its year as European Capital of Culture in 2008.

The investment is one of the biggest financial packages for the arts ever announced in any city in the UK – and a further £11m will be spent on community arts projects.

The funding programme has been outlined in the Liverpool Culture Company’s Business Plan for 2005-2009, published today (Tuesday, September 20).


And in a major boost for the city’s 2008 preparations the plan reveals over 90% of its overall budget of £94.9 million has already been secured.

In the budget £26m is to be spent on buildings and improving venues to stage events, while £12m is to be spent on marketing the city to a national and international audience.

It is estimated that the city’s European capital of Culture status will help generate 14,000 new jobs, attract £2bn in investment and an extra 1.7m visitors.

The Business Plan explains how the company is positioning itself to deliver the thematic activities in each year leading up to 2008, including the 2007 Liverpool 800th Birthday Celebrations, it also details how it will increase the quality and range of annual programmes to strengthen the city’s ability to stage 2008.

The 40-page document also states key aims and objectives, such as:

Deliver an exciting, innovative and dramatic programme of arts, events and creative activity through collaborations, co-productions, and commissions.
Work with the city’s communities to increase participation in creative activity and develop audiences.
Invest in cultural institutions, events, and festivals which will strengthen and sustain beyond 2008 and to develop capacity to produce and present work well into the future.
Improve the Liverpool Welcome experience to improve perceptions of the city and region as a place to visit, increasing the number of visitors to the city.
Measure the impact of 2008 through an ambitious and integrated research strategy which has never been achieved by any previous European Cities or Capitals of Culture.

Another key aim of the Liverpool Culture Company is to ensure there is a legacy from 2008 centred on people and participation and a stronger cultural infrastructure.

The plan states the city has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve a sense of pride, a better physical environment and a more attractive destination for visitors and investment.