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The Story of the Wrestling Mask Art Project

As many of you will know we recently had a holiday in Japan. But its impossible for us to take a complete break from art-related matters so it was fortunate that the opportunity arose to document the journey of an item from the GIFT event at the end of the Biennial.

GIFT took place in Museum MAN during the closing week of the Liverpool Biennial 2006. The idea was that members of the public could select a gift donated by an artist. All you have to do in return is document what you do with the gift. The organisers send your documentation onto the artist also as a gift to arrive before Christmas.

As luck would have it, Minako spotted a wrestling mask still in its wrapper with the price label on that had been bought from a well-known shop in Tokyo so we though it would be nice if we took the mask back to its place of purchase before finally unwrapping and wearing it.

So we took several photographs of the mask’s journey and have posted them to my picasa web album:

We really enjoyed doing this though it took some guts to stand in front of holy shrines, busy shops and streets holding up a bright blue wrestling mask. We got some strange looks.

There were over 100 items in the GIFT show, it would be interesting to see some of the other documentation. Hopefully some will appear on the GIFT website