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Shoot Liverpool – Photographers Take Note

shoot experience liverpoolHere’s a date for your new diaries. Taking place in late May / early June.

From Shoot Experience:

Shoot Experience is a series of photography events from May to June followed by exhibitions in each city in August 2007.
The Liverpool leg of the tour takes place (and in partnership) at Tate Liverpool on Saturday 26 May 2007.
The exhibition takes place (and in partnership) at Open Eye Gallery from 05 to 09 June 2007.

The Liverpool format differs slightly from the rest as the exhibition takes place at Open Eye in June instead of August.

There will be a series of photography events in May, June & July – one event every weekend for three months.
Shoot Toronto(The Drake Hotel) 05 and 06 May, Shoot Johannesburg 12 May (Museum Africa) , Shoot London (Tate Modern) 19 May, Shoot Liverpool (Tate Liverpool) 26 May – currently in negotiations with organisations in San Francisco, Barcelona, Berlin, Milano, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Bath and Tokyo.

The concept aims to show the connection and comparison of people and culture though interaction and photography.

A central theme (WATER) will be explored by participants in all cities in a series of global Shoot events taking place next year. The images produced will be collated into an exhibition appearing in each city that will include a selection of images from all events. The exhibition will capture a diverse range of cities through the eyes of each unique culture, producing an exciting body of work showing at once the multiplicity and commonality of the human race.

Water is a connecting force globally both geographically and biologically and is a hot topic internationally and will result in some fabulous discussion and photos which we could give you access to.

A Shoot Experience works as follows: We have a one day event where we brief hundreds of people in a city on a theme and we give them ten clues relating to the theme.
They have five hours to discover the clues and take photographs as answers. We judge the photographs digitally and the best photographs win prizes.
The clue element is a fun way for people to learn about the topic, engage with the community and area and ultimately take photographs.
After the event we choose the best photos to be exhibited in a galleries. Our last exhibition took place last week at Photofusion Gallery for our last event of 2006 – Shoot Brixton.

May – June: 10 events in 10 cities
August: 10 exhibitions – 1 in each city with photos from all cities

Our events are aimed at all levels of people and photographers but are focused mainly towards novice, amateur and student photographers.
Our events also appeal to creative people and the general public and is a fresh and engaging way of encouraging access to art, interaction and photography.
We award prizes for the best photos (these range from iPods to cameras to books to world maps) and then exhibit selected photos at well known galleries and art spaces.