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Review / Debate at Static

Mario Navarro/Frederic Pradeau: A review

In March 2006, Static were commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company to write a review of ‘City in Transition’, the Culture Company’s theme year for 2006. City in Transition was in effect an umbrella event which pulled together many disparate events from civic lectures on architecture and planning to key elements of the Liverpool Biennial.

To address the core issue of what actually constitutes ‘Liverpool as a City in Transition’, Static have decided to write an analogous text in the form of a double review of the work of artists Mario Navarro (Liverpool Biennial 2006) and Frederic Pradeau (current show at Static Gallery).

The text will be available online at on the 26th January 2007.
A chaired debate will then take place at Static on Friday 2nd February 2007, 15-17.00 to discuss the main issues raised in the text.

If you require any further information on the event or press images, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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