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Jo Derbyshire on Doollee Playwriters Website

Transvoyeur Artist Jo Derbyshire on Doollee Playwriters Website, 05 January 2007.

Jo Derbyshire recognised more as a visual artist for her expressive and intense abstract paintings, as well as her ‘happenings’ in a live art context, is a proactive playwrite with a distinct style on contemporary subjects in popular culture. She has been registered on the Doollee website for playwriters.

Doollee registers all plays and playwrights since 1956 when Osbournes Look Back In Anger came out. In 1996 Jo Derbyshire and her Theatre Company Alternative Identity performed ‘Lost In thought of Paradise’ at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre. Derbyshire, who was involved in the poetry and fringe theatre scene in the early 1990’s has been quiet for a number of years and concentrated more on visual art.

In 2006, Derbsyhire combined her talents as a visual artist and creative writer to realise a live art ‘happening’ titled ‘When the City Speaks – Seasons’. Derbyshire presented canvases modifid with different found objects and abstract and figurative forms on them.