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JMU Student Gallery Practice 2007 – No.1

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Its that time of year again already!
The second-year Fine Art students at John Moores University School of Art are split into groups of 8 and have to organise an exhibition of their work.

So every Tuesday at 17.30 for the next few weeks you can go along to the Art School at 68 Hope Street for a private view in the gallery space on the ground floor. Each show normally gets taken down on the Friday ready for the next lot.

The first set was this evening and featured:
Emma Warren (see the dragon picture above ‘yin and yang expressed through landscape’); Sue Murray (coloured drawings inspired by nature); Kate Blanton (studies of facial expressions linked with emotions); Rob Flynn (3D assemblages (pictured above) with accompanying 2D close-up photos); Kirsty Grant (series of drawing using short pen strokes); Ramon Fernandez (mixed media constructions, see ‘Citadel’ above – plaster lined with lead); Anna Marie Quinn (mixed media constructions demonstrating how useful items may be mismatched to create a ‘useless’ artefact) and Greg Creighton (see large collage above – ‘celebrities are the new Gods’)

We really enjoyed all of last years gallery practice shows and it looks like 2007 is going to be another good year.