Changing Eight at Cornerstone

barry-swerdlow-white.jpg‘Changing Eight 2006’ Group Show curated by Jason Jones at Cornerstone Gallery, Hope University. December 8 2006 – January 12 2007

A smashing show which finishes on Friday. Its the second of the annual Changing Eight shows, s called because there are 8 artists. Its a good mix from the most recent graduate Natalie Bennett to the far more experienced Derek Cully.

Ghislaine Howard’s ‘365 series’ is interesting, its a series of small panels, one for each day of the year with a swiftly-painted picture based on a news image from her daily newspaper. There are 36 of the panels here.

Barry Swerdlow‘s realistic large oil paintings of close-ups of flowers and insect like the Cabbage White shown here are quite stunning.

Exhibiting Artists: Derek Culley, Barry Swerdlow, Natalie Bennett, Paul Riley, Nathan Pendlebury, Ghislaine Howard, John Monaghan, Susan Aigelsreiter.