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Artefact at FACT – Gavin Parry

The latest artist to exhibit in the bar area of FACT is Gavin Parry, a senior lecturer in Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University.

In Sick Buildings, Gavin displays images of familiar, yet altered buildings. To the naked eye they appear derelict, run down and graffiti ridden, but Gavin restores them to their former glory by digitally removing the impurities.

Gavin says “The intention of the work is for it to touch on to the debate of where the photograph ends and the image begins”.

He continues, “It is as though the process of removing the superfluous in these images maps neatly on to the way the brain can so successfully filter out the inconsequential, the mundane and over familiar when we are engaged in the act of looking”.

Sick Buildings will be exhibited in the FACT Bar from 15 December 2006 until March 2007