Andrew Taylor Joins Transvoyeur Collective

Transvoyeur … New Associate Artist and Writer to Liverpool Collective …. Andrew Taylor (Writer/Artist), 04 January 2007.

trans_jo_andrew_taylor-copy.jpgTransvoyeur would like to welcome Andrew Taylor to the Liverpool Collective. His immense experience as a writer and artist will be an added benefit to the group..

Taylor is a poet and writer. His work published in many independent publications in England and abroad, such as Turn for Home, The Brodie Press, August 2003, Poetry and Skin Cream erbacce Press, December 2004 and Cathedral Poems Paula Brown Publishing, August 2005.

His creative writing is not only explored in text, but presented at many live readings. He further explores the concepts of spatiality of text and written word in a visual art installation, which becomes interaction with audience members where they can contribute to work.

He has been featured in many publications and participated in large-scale poetry events nationally and internationally. His writing style is one abstract form, at times autobiographical, but these are residues of experience and memory deconstructed and reconstructed. He is currently finalising his PhD.