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Liverpool Debates 2007 – Vote Now

Bluecoat Arts Centre presents Liverpool Debates 2007,

supported by the Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Culture Company.

As Liverpool celebrates its 800th birthday and approaches European Capital of Culture, the city is about to debate the real hot topics concerning its citizens.

We are inviting everyone to have their say, by voting online, through the Echo, by being part of the audience at our live debates and by organising live debates of their own. There will also be a parallel debates series being undertaken in schools on Merseyside.

Bluecoat will be presenting a series of 5 debates in which leading speakers will discuss key issues in public arenas and it is up to the public to decide exactly which topics they would most like to discuss in 2007.

Have your say on which 5 topics should be debated from the following 12 titles…

Liverpool believes that

1. Gizza job!
Liverpool believes that everyone should be able to leave school at 14.
2. Jade or Jesus?
Liverpool believes that celebrity matters more than religion.
3. Voter apathy?
Liverpool believes that traditional politics has failed.
4. Culture my arse?
Liverpool believes that Jim Royle is a liability to the city.
5. Bill Shankly, Harold Wilson and John Moores ­ true scousers?
Liverpool believes that the city thrives because of outsiders.
6. Personal freedom or state intervention?
Liverpool believes that you should pick up your own litter.
7. Integration or toleration?
Liverpool believes that multiculturalism has failed.
8. What happens when the handouts stop?
Liverpool believes that its economic recovery is a mirage.
9. North West solidarity or regional rivalry?
Liverpool believes that it¹s time for Liverpool and Manchester to join
10. Strawberry Fields Forever?
Liverpool believes that the city undersells the Beatles.
11. Sex in the City?
Liverpool believes that it should have a managed red light district.
12. One nil?
Liverpool believes that the arts are more important than football.

Vote now!
You can vote from 8th – 14th March.
Results will be announced in the Liverpool Echo.