Happy Birthday Liverpool – Part 1


Fantastic day in Liverpool today with people celebrating the city’s 800th birthday.
We spent a couple of hours in Castle Street near the Town Hall to see the arrival of the Civic Procession from St Nick’s Church. This included the Lord Mayor and lots of other people in fancy dress and silly hats – good job the weather was fine, representatives from all over the world including Liverpool’s twin cities, Dublin, Shanghai and Cologne.


After the procession there was the arrival of the Pageant led by the Giant, she looked lovely in her Liverpool-themed dress and accompanied by two large puppets and other Liverpool-themed structures.
The giant was followed by several other carnival groups with themes such as Football, The Blitz, Mersey Ferry, The Liver bird etc.
All excellent, really enjoyed it. Here’s a few pictures.

800day-3.jpg 800day-4.jpg