Young Liverpool Film Night

ylfn06.jpgQuite a party going on in FACT last night as the awards and screening of the Young Liverpool Film Night was taking place.
Didn’t actually attend myself but passing through, took this picture of three of the people involved in one of the films and a member of the Young Peoples Film Forum that selected the films.

Young Liverpool Film Night
Thursday 19 October
19.00 Screen 1 at FACT

Exploring hoodies, horror, extreme sport and cartoons, a record-breaking number of submissions for the prestigious annual Young Liverpool Film Night at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) were received over the summer and the finalists are now eagerly awaiting the event on Thursday 19 October that will reveal which talented young filmmaker has been hailed overall winner.

For the first time the finalists, who will see their films on the biggest screen at FACT, were selected by members of FACT’s Young People’s Film Forum. The forum was set up earlier this year as part of the Young People’s programme, which is designed to offer support, training and advice to Liverpool’s youngsters who want to get involved in new media art. The young judges had to view over a hundred films, all created by 13 – 19 year olds living on Merseyside.

The 14 finalists include students from Weatherhead High School in Wirral, Edge Hill University and Liverpool Community College. The Young People’s Film Forum judges think the teenage filmmakers on Merseyside are amongst some of the most creative and talented;

“From the films we selected, the standard is much higher than we expected,


  1. Thursday 19 October??
    what do you mean?
    it was last night lol
    and to correct you, only 1 of the guys in that photo helped out with the even, the other 2 had nothing to do with the event


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