You Don’t Have to be a Genius…

leonardos delight by Paul Bearman… is the title of an exhibition which finished today at the Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead. I went to see it yesterday and really enjoyed it. 2005 was Einstein Year and the World Year of Physics and this was a collaborative exhibition involving 16 artists who have responded to some aspect of physics. Apparentley Einstein said “The greatest scientists are always artists as well”
Pictured here set high up out of reach is a kinetic sculpture made from recycled materials called ‘Leonardo’s Delight’ by Paul Bearman. Other works included ‘Gyroscope’ by Marlene Cartwright, ‘cape town to oxton via auckland’ by Jacqui Chapman, ‘Dark Matter’ by Jane Copeman, ‘Gravity Warp’ by David Cowey, ‘Inside’ by John Dorning, ‘Genius’ by Tony Evans, ‘Voroni Landscape’ by Mary Green, ‘Dream Weaver’ by Steve Hitchen, ‘Sound into Vision’ by Barbara Lamb, ‘Black Hole Painting1’ by Vincent Lavell, ‘The Diffraction of Self’ by Cheryl Meikle and Lain Burgos-Lovece, ‘Charge’ by Mandy Oliphant, ‘Diminishing Illumination’ by Michelle Rowley, ‘String’ by Sue Sharples and ‘The Eye is Relative to the Hand, is Relative to the Eye…’ by Jean Wayles.