World Museum Launches Youth Theatre

National Museums Liverpool has set up a youth theatre which uses the amazing museums collections to inspire and create new productions staged at the popular Treasure House Theatre in World Museum Liverpool.

Two groups of young people, juniors aged 11 to 15 and seniors 16 – 21, meet every Saturday to develop ideas starting on 14 October 2006.

Several of the senior members have had previous arts and drama experience. The sessions will also help to develop communications skills, self-confidence and team building.

Michelle O’Callaghan, National Museums Liverpool’s youth arts officer who is leading the sessions, says: “This is a rare opportunity for young people to be able to learn theatre skills in a museum environment. The Treasure House Theatre has proved very popular since it opened in April 2005. It uses the World Museum’s huge and diverse collections as themes for presentations and short plays which visitors can enjoy.

“The youth theatre builds on this success, with young people helping to create the new productions. We expect this exciting project to produce fresh ideas which can be translated into thought-provoking, educational and fun entertainment.