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‘With The Beatles’ at Ikonography

bill zygmantTo coincide with the Beatles Week / Mathew Street Festival, Ikonography are exhibiting the work of major photographers and artists from the ‘60’s including Robert Whitaker, Bill Zygmant, Astrid Kircherr, Klaus Voorman and John Lennon.

There are a lot of interesting and familiar (dare I say, iconic) images on display and for sale

The retrospective follows the transformation of the group from their early days in Hamburg through to the psychedelic era. For Beatles’ fans, the exhibition represents a rare opportunity to see the group’s former friends’/photographers’ works all presented together at once.

I called in yesterday and met one of the photographers, Bill Zygmant. He told me this was the first time he had ever exhibited his work. He is often asked to, of course, but he is more interested in just taking good photographs and has always enjoyed the work. He’s pictured here in front of some of his photos. You can see plenty more on his website:

Bill Zygmant,
Part-Lithuanian, Bill began his photography career in 1961 when he became a journalistic photographer for the London Evening News by accident. Having discovered a certain talent with a camera, he soon went on to become a freelancer and took pictures of a wide variety of big 60’s names including Lennon, Hendrix and Bolan. Bill’s work will be a major feature of the exhibition.

Robert Whitaker
Part -Australian, Whitaker was born in this country but moved to Melbourne in 1961 to go to university and became friends with major figures in the Australian art world. He met The Beatles in 1964 when they toured Australia and Brian Epstein offered him a job as a staff photographer. Some of his most famous work includes the ‘Butcher’s Sleeve’ picture that was used on an LP cover released in the U.S. that had to be withdrawn due to complaints. He is famous for having said “There were about 100 people who ran the Sixties.