Wirral Met Degree Show 2006


Shame this fell just as we were so busy getting married etc. Only managed to get to see it yesterday and it finishes tomorrow, Sunday July 2nd 2006.
The Wirral Met. Fine Art Degree Show 2006 is at the Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead as usual and its very good.
Only 20 students so its small compared to the Liverpool ones we’ve seen but we both agreed it was the best.

Lots of interesting installations all very well constructed and presented. Shame too that its not on for longer so more people can see it but that’s the nature of degree shows, the JMU one is gone in a flash.

The artists: Ian Bennion, Jacqui Chapman, David Cowey, Ffion Davies, Stella Gallagher, Barbara Galt, Amy Goff, Jo Gomez, Barbara Harrison, Geoffrey John Hatton, Vikki Humphries, Lisa Jones, Linda McDowell, Vicky Mercer, Christine Pennock, Desmond Samuel Shaw, Amy Sheridan, Fiona Sinclair, Nicola Walker and Ben Ward.