‘What Big Eyes You Have’ Echo Review

Nice review by Joe Riley in the Liverpool Echo..

Most fairytales are scary, and some like Red Riding Hood and Hansel And Gretel involve dark and mysterious forests.
We are now deep in the territory of this multi-media exhibition by Becca Backhouse and Elizabeth Willow, which emerged from a shared fascination with childhood stories and their enduring effect.

Exhibition at Cornerstone ends on Friday February 17th.


  1. artspeak deserves a good kicking so it’s a shame Riley picks on this:

    Backhouse talks of her writing and drawing “co-inhabiting a creative surface”

    does Joe not understand these words? Co-inhabit is not a problem on the news pages.

    In contrast:

    what she means is that repetition of the oral story and more lasting images move things on.

    bad day at the office, Joe?


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