‘We Stopped at Perfect Days’ – Arena

jeanne-marie perfect days - jeanne-marie

I left Editions and was waiting to cross Sth John Street when a tiny mouse came scurrying along. I’ve seen a few rats in this area (no, I’m not referring to the estate agents and solicitors!) but never a mouse. It just about negotiated the traffic. I wonder if its some sort of omen?
So, back up to Arena in Duke St. and I’m ahead of schedule, its not even 18.00 yet but Jeanne-Marie Kenny is organised, the place is open, she’s greeting people and drinks and nibbles are nicely set out in the centre of the gallery. An excellent start.

Jeanne-Marie has a studio at Arena, she’s American (I can’t remember which state), has lived here before and has recently returned after 7 years in New Orleans (narrowly avoiding the floods).

This body of work spans the past three years and includes paintings, drawings and photographs. The title of the exhibition, ‘We Stopped at Perfect Days‘, is from a poem by 1960s poet Richard Brautigan which alludes to a moment in time or a pleasant memory form the past.

There’s quite a mix of styles and methods, she obviously like to experiment and try new things but most of the figurative oil paintings have a distinctive style which I quite like. She describes it as ‘glimpses into an alternative dream world’ and I think it does have that quality.

I avoid the wine, grab a few nibbles and continue my journey..


‘We Stopped at Perfect Days’ by Jeanne-Marie Kenny at Arena until May 20th 2006 (open Wed-Sat 12-17.00)