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Warehouse Space Required – Aerial Dance Rehearsals

The Pool of Life project /funded by the Liverpool Culture Co- supports Liverpool as a diverse multi-cultural city embarking upon a major regenerative programme to leave it’s mark for the rise to becoming a European Capital City of Culture 2008.

The major event is Chinese New Year 2007 – Sunday February 18th – this is a public street event free to over 20,000 people. It is an aerial dance/martial arts and music performance that will invite artists from China (musicians, dancers, aerial martial artists etc) to perform with Liverpool artists to celebrate the journey of the Liverpool – Chinese in the city of Liverpool.

The first collaborations with the Chinese are about to begin this July 2006 and the Pool of Life is now looking for a suitable warehouse type space to rehearse. We would need a space approx 20- 25ft high with good ceiling suspension whereby we could build our own rig from (of which we can provide all risk assessment etc) and approx 10m x 10m floor space. We would require a space from the period of July 12th – Sept 11th 2006 (and then at a later date in early January up until February 17th 2007).

We are ideally looking for a company who may be interested in part sponsoring us and/or coming to a more reduced fee regarding hire of space. If there are any companies interested in supporting us please contact

Jacqueline Jones
Project Manager: Pool of Life
24 Hope Street
L1 9BQ
T: 0780 31 678 21