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Victory for LFC and a new-look Blog

liverpool-victory-parade-2006You may have noticed there was very little blogging going on here over the past weekend but I was not idle. Its really hard work watching Liverpool FC win yet another trophy on Saturday, one of these days they’ll just stroll to an easy 5-0 victory over the under-dogs.
Then there was a party in the evening and a couple of hours in the pouring rain on Sunday to capture a few shots of the homecoming parade.
In between all that I was re-designing the Blog, again. So, hopefully, it fits in better with the rest of the artinliverpool site and the other blogs are being similarly hacked. I’m quite pleased with it, I think the site is easier to navigate now and looks tidier. I’ve also made a lot more use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and learnt a few things on the way.
Apologies if you were trying to read the blog and just finding a half-finished mess while I was working on it.