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‘Utopian Colours’ – George Lund at Unity

george lund george lund
Utopian Colours by George Lund
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, 18 January 2006.
Photographs Tony Knox and Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.

We are brought the vibrant expressions of George Lund at the Unity Theatre in his solo exhibition ‘Utopia Colours’.

The selection of art shows a combination of some previous works combined with his new series on his bizarre and wonderful creatures evolved from ‘Animal Utopia’. Other examples include his exuberant ‘Amazonian Colour Series’ and some Urbanscapes of Liverpool, all executed in his distinct, vibrant palette of his naive art style.

This exhibition is within an innovative place with history in the politics and development of the performing arts and the art presented by Lund equally flamboyant and energetic as the theatrical atmosphere.

When talking to Lund he explains about his art.

‘My artwork I feel now has a freshness, energy, liveliness and abundance of colour. Art work is produced in combination of various painting mediums and painted on large and small canvas. There is a certain naivety in my painting style, but I use this as a non conformity to become more of an individualist using more imagination. My artwork embodies colourful passionate abstractions of space and time. References of hybridism, urbanism, juxtaposed to Amazonianism’.

george lundLund will be showing a collection of art derived from his philosophical studies and texts of ‘Animal Utopia’. A work written over several years. The beautiful and vibrant art will be accompanied by a live performance on the opening night, directed and collaboratively performed by Lund and other artists. Through his insight and concept, the creatures of ‘Animal Utopia’ will come to life! This event is scheduled for Museum Man in Spring 2006. Further information is available from the artist at

The current exhibition ‘Utopia Colours’ runs from the 17 January – 25 February 2006.

Artist: George Lund