Urban Arts Workshops – Nugent Education

From: Leighton. A. Nugent – Nugent-Education Ltd – (Director)

Nugent Education – A Popular Urban Arts Workshop Provider

Nugent Education Limited organises and delivers contemporary Arts and Urban Arts Workshops & Training to children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities. As well as the enrichment and learning the Art-Form itself, some of our programmes embody themes with varying aims and objectives including health key issues, (drugs, smoking/healthy eating) and bullying, building self-esteem, community initiatives, inclusion, citizenship and more. We are interested in applying to become a provider for educational & extended schools services, or work within curriculum areas in art, drama, music, dance and literacy and numeracy.

Below, we have selected some of our most popular workshops which will be beneficial to any organisation who works with young people. These have been chosen as we consistently receive positive feedback from course participants, and clients, telling us of the beneficial impact that our workshops have had on the young people involved. As with all Nugent-Education workshops, our programmes are beneficial, often based on set objectives (positive activities) or often ‘just for fun’ (our retention rates suggest their popularity).

Our Arts & Urban Arts workshops/programmes can run from anything from a 2 hour, to a 12 week programme (and beyond). These popular ‘Workshops’ include:

*Hip-Hop – Rapping and DJ-ing (can help with English language)


*Graffiti Art or Dance (all forms) & Break-Dancing

*DRAMA (our experienced dramatists can write, deliver & perform across the board)

*Music/Video Production (these workshops can lead to the production of a CD or video)

*African/Samba Drumming (very popular with everyone)

*Crafts & Circus Skills (again, a wide variation of types available)

Tel: 0151 426 6699
Visit: www.nugenteducation.co.uk / Email: sales@nugenteducation.co.uk