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Transvoyeur News

UK Projects Co-ordinator, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, in the coming weeks is to fly out to consolidate links with Paris and Barcelona Arts Collectives and Galleries, 2006.

Transvoyeur has already established contacts with Italy and New York. The objectives are to forge new modes of creative expression and artistic enlightenment of global culture. To realise exchange and explore the autonomy of diversity, which forms the unification of similarity by difference.

Founded in 2003 between Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Liverpool, England) and Michael Ricardo Andreev (New York, US), the programme of Transvoyeur has evolved to form new opportunities for like minded artists and collectives globally. Keep an eye on the Transvoyeur programme to learn about the exceptional affiliations made to advocate new and innovative research and development in contemporary arts and practice. Further information will soon be posted. The next association currently being established after her cultural research in Paris and Barcelona are to Australia.

There is an array of art projects and cultural initiatives which artists from each country can contribute too over the next twelve months. One of the next large scale projects will be part of the Independents in the Liverpool Biennial 2006. In this programme there will be an exhibition, performance art platform and workshops to enable others in the arts and community to share in the experience of art.

For further information of Transvoyeur and Sweeney’s expeditions, please email