Tour of The Blackie

blackie-1.jpgHad a tour of ‘the Blackie’ today. The Great Georges Community Cultural Project has been in the former congregational church since 1968 and has been in a process of refurbishment for quite a long time now.

Its due to re-open in 2007 with an extra floor to include rooms for workshops and accommodation.

Its open Saturday and Sunday Oct 28 / 29 11.00 – 14.00 for you to look round, watch metalworker Giusseppe Lund making the ornate railings for the balcony and take some refreshments.


  1. I saw a shooting star tonight.
    Then,after nearly 20 years I found your site.
    Does it treally look like that now?
    Is Bill still there?If so;
    a>Well done
    b>Iknew it would work!!!!
    all the best
    Tony romEdinburgh[now residing very happily in Cornwall


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