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‘Tidal Dreams in Paradise’ – The ‘Pool Project

An interesting exhibition with associated talks and events at Out of The Bluecoat in Paradise Street until May 27th 2006.

Liverpool’s namesake, the tidal pool, is now an invisible changing of tidal water levels underground from the Strand up to Paradise Street and Whitechapel. The saltwater tide and sweet water stream down what is now William Brown Street met and boats used to tie up where the Queensway Tunnel now takes us under the Mersey.

The pool is the reason for the city’s being, the emotional, geographic, and historic heart of Liverpool. The tidal pool’s course still delineates the city’s structure, its movement patterns and spatial qualities. It is however concealed from both the view and the conciousness of those who travel its route.

The Pool Project will raise the profile of Liverpool’s namesake to the position of importance it deserves in the community, creative, academic and business sectors of the city. It will produce a series of large and small researches covering the (invisible) site of the old tidal pool of Liverpool to explore its contemporary significance in terms of social / economic / historical / ecological and urbanistic development.

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