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This Working Life at Renew Rooms

aneta-marchowska.jpgWhat a shame this finishes on Wednesday. For an exhibition of documentary photography (you know I’m not a fan) its quite good.
Its big too, don’t know how many images but it takes up both rooms and the corridor.

‘This Working Life’ – The LDC photography award 2006 brings together the work of emerging photography students and employees from a number of leading companies across the UK. It not only encourages student photographers to create an innovative tableau of the working world around them but seeks to find a representation of this environment from those who are already part of it. The brief asks both students and employees to focus in on the day-to-day life of selected companies in order to capture an evocative and provoking visual record of ‘this working life’.

One of the judges is Patrick Henry, the Director of Open Eye but its not being shown there. Instead it is in the Renew Rooms just further up Wood Street.

Pictures of people sitting at their desk are pretty dull but there’s lots of more quirky or humorous pictures.

At Renew Rooms until September 6th 2006