‘The Last Best Place’ – Paul Elliker


So, I finally made it out to Kirkby to see Paul Elliker‘s exhibition at the gallery in the Library there. ‘The Last Best Place’ has been on show since January 23rd and I should have gone a long time ago, it ends on Sunday 16th April 2006 (i.e. Tomorrow!).

Shame on me, but it was well worth seeing. I like Elliker’s work, in fact I own a small sketch of ‘For My Husband’, and was delighted to see the massive full colour version here. There’s also ‘Mambo nomads’ which featured in the John Moores 23 exhibition at the Walker in 2004.
I like the bold, unconventional colours of the simplified acrylic landscapes. You can see (and buy) more of his work on the britart website

The library and gallery is a nice modern place but I could not see anything else to recommend Kirkby, I was soon on the train back to Liverpool Central.

kirkby-library.jpg paul-elliker-1.jpg