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SWIM: Sound workshops in music

Liverpool I:Object interactive workshops with non-artists to produce a piece of sound-art using everyday objects

SWIM: Sound workshops in music,
36 Windsor Street
Liverpool L8 1XF
0151 709 6123

Have you ever thought about making music with the sounds around you?
Well now’s your chance!

i:Object is an interactive workshop series which works with ordinary people to create extraordinary performances and installations.

As part of the Liverpool Biennial international festival of contemporary art, we are looking to work with you as part of this series.

We want you to be part of the next i:Object workshop!

The workshop will be captured on video and displayed as part of the Biennial. If you enjoy the workshop why not take your interest further in the live performance at the end of October?

Music is all about communicating who we are and how we feel. And, above all, it’s about having fun!

We’re asking you to join us in i:Object and help show off the personality and culture of Liverpool.

If you’re interested, phone Phil or Si on 0151 709 6123
or email us at to get involved.

Commissioned by SoundNetwork for the Liverpool Biennial SWIM is the participation department of Frakture.

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