Studio, Office, Gallery, Rehearsal Spaces Available

This is the former Trade Union Resource/Peoples Centre. The large building on the corner of Hardman St./Hope St. with the ex-Flying Picket at the back.
There’s loads of space, I’ve had a look round, it could be really good so get in there quick and contact Moira or Callum….

Calling All Fine Artists, Graphic Artists, Web Designers and all Creative Industries!

Do you need studio, Exhibition, rehearsal or office space in the heart of Liverpool 1?

Are you interested in selling your work in an Affordable Art Sunday Market?
Please email us and we will get right back to you
Nine Months affordable space available..

Contact Moira & Callum

NEW email address

Please feel free to pass this info on!
This is a big space.

The People Centre
24 Hardman Street

Update: New email address (see above) and change of name. Now known at The Liverpool Centre for Contemporary Art & Culture


  1. Brilliant!

    As you probably know, we’ve been saying for years that there should be somewhere on Hope Street where artists can sell their art, musicians can sell their CDs, designers can sell their clothes and artefacts, and books and other stuff on the arts, and about / around the other areas of ‘Hope Street activity’ should be available.

    HOPES is currently working with other stakeholders to construct some business and marketing collaborations for Hope Street – so do keep us in the ‘picture’!!

    Best of luck

  2. Hi my name is john ayliffe, i am a photographer based in liverpool, and i am currently on the hunt for a space near the city centre, to set up a photography studio. Hardman street would be a perfect location. I would be very very grateful of any information you could give me about this new space, and whether it would be suitable for setting up a studio in?

    Thank you

    hope to hear from you soon



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