‘String Theory’ at 52 Roscoe St.

string1.jpg string2.jpg

‘String Theory’ opened at the Meta-Conceptuall Gallery, 52 Roscoe Street on Saturday night with some nice music from Stan the Harper and the Zukanican guys.

The work is a series of optical thread art pieces by David Ellis and Mike Kerslake and wooden sculptures by Mike Kerslake. The thread pieces shown here are all black and white but there are also some very colourful ones. It must take a lot of patience, skill and a good sense of geometry to create these.

For more information on the exhibition or to arrange your own event utilising the gallery space please contact the artists below. You can contact the artists direct and they will be able to arrange an individual viewing if required.

Mike Kerslake
Phone: 07753595502
Email: mikeatbretton@hotmail.com

David Ellis
Phone: 07859931166
Email: davidaellis@hotmail.com


The gallery is open to the public between 6th Feb and the 19th Feb with opening hours of 12:00 – 18.00.