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‘Spotlight’ – JMU Exhibition at Egg

Mike Costigan Fallen - Dave Barry

Now is the time of year when final-year Fine Art students are busy not only completing their course work, assignments etc. but also trying to raise funds for the degree shows. I don’t think its mandatory but if they want to put on a good show with a decent catalog, good publicity and, importantly, plenty of refreshments on the opening night then they have to raise a few thousand pounds!

I met a couple of the JMU students who are helping with the fund and awareness raising. Peter Pimblett and Liz Hodgkinson along with Dave Barry have curated an exhibition in the Eggspace at Egg cafe. The group of artists on show are known collectively as ‘Spotlight’ and they hope to continue to work together after graduation. There are about 40 students in the final year but only 8 in this group. Not everyone is both able and willing to join in these extra-curricular activities.

On show here are some black and white close-up photographs of natural objects by Ken Ashton, a large canvas painted with black gloss (pictured here) by Dave Barry, its has handles and as you stand in front of it and see your reflection it resembles a body-bag. There’s a textured and abstracted painting of a large flower by Claire Bates and a series of black on white acrylic paintings (pictured here) by Mike Costigan. There are some screen-prints of landscapes by Roz Hargreaves and some drawings and photographs relating to an art swap-shop thing by Linda Pittwood.
Liz Hodgkinson is currently experimenting with setting fire to canvases. There is a piece here that consists of 4 canvases which have been painted then burnt and overlaid onto the one frame, its an interesting effect.
Peter Pimblett is displaying some photographs and a very nice Rothko-influenced red oil painting.

The exhibition at Egg runs until February 19th 2006. and is sponsored by Headspace who normally curate the shows at Egg.
There will be an Art Auction to include some of these works and other in the Myrtle Street Fine Art building on March 14th (previewing 13th, Full details to follow)

You can contact the Spotlight artists via