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‘Sport’ at Patricks Bar

Ashtone Johnstone Annga and his Crew
sport3.jpgThere’s lots of naked women in Patricks! Well, pictures of them anyway, the colourful oil on canvas paintings with white background by Sue Lucine and drawings in ink or charcoal by Jazamin Sinclair.

So why is it called ‘Sport’? The shows here are curated by Helen Bryson and her website tells us that
“Sport and Art share a common ground of risk and thrills”
Which sounds about right, so why am I about the only person I know who loves art and football and cricket and computers?
The private viewing last week was enlivened by some sporting thrills as the gymnast Ashtone Johnstone did her stuff followed by the Breakdancers Annga and his Crew. There was risk involved here too, not only for the performers but the audience as its only a small dance-floor. Very entertaining.
The exhibition continues until March 6th 2006.