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Spilsted and Anderson at Urban Coffee

aimee spilsted julie anderson
There’s a very nice exhibition by two fine artists at Urban Coffee until the end of Feb. Aimee Spilsted and Julie Anderson‘s works complement each other well and the show is well presented (or as well as you can expect in a busy cafe).
Spilsted creates pictures using textiles, some are framed others are hangings stretching from ceiling to floor.
She says “My inspiration comes from the saturation of materials in our living environments, I believe that decay and erosion when taken out of context, have an uncomplicated beauty, a sense of history and time passed. Within our every day environment there is a richness and depth all around that dissolves into neglected memories, layer upon layer imprinted upon by us.”
Anderson‘s works are mostly recent Ink on Paper abstracts similar to the one pictured here but there are also some collages involving textiles and found objects.
Very good but I think I would have liked a bit more variation. Anderson’s inky shapes are maybe all too similar and Spilsted’s colours are all quite muted, I’d like to have seen a few brighter colours thrown in the mix.
At Urban Coffee until end February 2006.