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‘Space Inhabited’ – Blackburne House

jackie kerrSo, Thursday, I got round 4 private views and the SuperVision show at the Royal Court. I cheated though by going to Blackburne House at 17.00, an hour before the start. So apologies to the artist, Jackie Kerr, there was just me and the caretaker there and he was busy moving tables around while I was trying to look at the artwork.

‘Space Inhabited’ consists of drawings and paintings which visually map the houses and flats that the artist has lived in, the places she has worked in and the cities she has travelled to. The exhibition is a visual representation of a fragmented but continuous journey, that she has taken or anticipated, that is real or imaginary, through the space she has inhabited.

Its a bit literal, they really do look like paintings/drawings of maps or charts or satellite pictures but that’s ok and its not always obvious from a distance they look like geometric shapes.

At Blackburne House until May 31st 2006