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‘Your Gallery’ is now online on the Saatchi Gallery website.

All artists are invited to post their work on the Saatchi Gallery website which receives thousands of visitors every day. In our first live few days over 700 artists have posted their pages on Your Gallery, this resource is free; and available for all artists as a resource for their profile.

You can tell visitors about your art training and education, and any exhibitions you have participated in. You can include any writing by yourself or others about your art, and talk about influences and other artists you admire, you may include a photo of yourself.

You are welcome to update your site as often as you wish. You can include a link to your own website as well as your email address so site visitors can make contact.

See Your Gallery at:


  1. Hi there,

    I thought you might like to know about Axis, which has been offering a far better service than Saatchi Gallery for the last 15 years. Axis is the leading online resource for the contemporary arts community, publicly funded with over 4,500 artists on it’s site. See our URL for more information about submitting your work for inclusion.

  2. Hi,

    Without commenting on Axisweb which, only on what you have commented on, is an established site. Its welcoming for artists and any new opportunity for artists should be there to aide them. Axisweb included.

    Your Gallery, however, without any intention of creating a negitive impression, is just being born though with first impressions, its growing fast. Probably because of the opportunity to exhibit on So far, it has over 20,000 artists.

    Hopefully of interest is that I worked at the gallery as IT Manager for Charles Saatchi and launched Your Gallery back in May.

    Think the opportunity for artists to exhibit their work – instantly – on such a resource ( provides a great opportunity for them in their aim of becoming just a touch noticed. Axisweb included, I am definitely assured that there will be some big stars which come out of these online resources as many people (talking solely about Your Gallery) view the site with interest on a regular basis (including Charles Saatchi himself (I know as a fact))

    I have a site which I hope is of interest:

    Cheers, Darren

  3. I read the article in the Sunday Times 24th December 2006. I would be most interested in exhibiting in your on line Gallery, I am painting in water colours and oils.
    Please send me information.
    Thanking you

    Lily Freeman


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