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Saturday Amongst the Bohemians

ginger1.jpgI caught up with events in Smithdown road yesterday morning starting with a coffee at Ginger Up which is a nice little juice bar/cafe. Very tidy and clean and some delicious looking cakes on show. And on the walls there are photographs by Susanne Richter. The exhibition is called ‘In Transition’ and will be here until the end of April. All local scenes I think, shots of old, dilapidated houses and shopfronts and demolition sites, some quirky and interesting. Can be a bit depressing though which can negate the desired ‘ginger up’ effect.

bohemia.jpgThen across the road is South Bohemia Gallery, the place is constantly changing. Not just the artwoks but also the activities. Peter is now taking orders for small printing jobs and did some very nice business cards for me. He has recently made some space available on the walls to display Easter related works by children from the Wellington Road Toddler group.
I also spotted some very nice original paintings by Derek Colligan who is a professional book illustrator.

Just further up the road is a shop called Mini Amsterdam which, amongst other things, sells art of various kinds. They do their own wood burning, glass engraving, wooden toy and games making etc. This Ouija board is one example of their work.

ouija-board.jpg mini-amsterdam.jpg

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