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Salt n Ships at the Williamson

Glyn-Davies-Beautiful Silent DangerAlso at the Williamson and extended till January 29th 2006 is ‘Salt n Ships’, an exhibition of maritime drawings and photographs by the father and son team of Welsh artists Gareth & Glyn Davies.
This marks the end of the year of the sea (Hurrah!) and is possibly the best one I’ve seen over this past year of boring pictures of boats and more boats. Glyn’s photographs are well composed and focused and, most importantly, interesting. You can see more of his stuff on his website at .
Gareth’s paintings or drawings are similar in size and composition to the photographs but are created using water based crayon and ink. There’s a lot of detail in most of them and the colours are strong.
A really nice, well presented show.
Update: I have changed the image, the one I originally posted of South Stack lighthouse is not in the show, though a similar one of the same place is. This image was one of my favourites, it was also one of the Silver winners of the International Landscape Competition run by the London Photographic Awards organisation.