Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Rogue Wave at FACT

One day only – today – Saturday May 27th until 21.00 in the Box at FACT.
Works by the Sound Art Collective ‘Roguewave’. Its best if you are prepared to hang around for a while to hear a few pieces, there’s about 15 in total. I only heard the first 5 and they were interesting.

First Wave: Site and Sound Rogue Wave sound art collective

27 May 12.00pm – 9.00pm
Location: The Box
Price: FREE – Just turn Up

An exciting exhibition of new sound art exploring the relationship between sound and place.

Rogue Wave has collected an array of sounds from environments such as the inside of an ice cube, the depths of a compost heap, a filling bath tub and wide open sandy beaches to make a collection of new immersive soundscapes that take you out of reality and into other worlds. The group uses a 10.2 surround sound system, similar to state of the art cinemas, to envelop visitors with sound.

First Wave: Site and Sound constantly questions the relationship between the listener and the listening space. How do we identify with our surroundings? What does sound tell us about where we are? Consisting of over a dozen pieces of work, including a live performance and an interactive soundscape.

Rogue Wave is a collective of 11 artists based in the North West.

Supported by Arts Council England and MITES at FACT.