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REALISE your right to art

You might want to add your name to this statement on the VAGA (Visual Arts & Galleries Association) website.
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REALISE your right to art
As UK citizens, we have a right to housing, education and health. Shouldn’t all of us also have the right to a share in the rich visual culture of the nation? Shouldn’t all of us have the opportunity to flourish as visually literate and creative citizens throughout our lives?

We live in a compelling, complex and dynamic visual world. Art lies at the core of culture, yet, despite its power to ignite our senses and provoke our thoughts, it remains wastefully detached from the lives of too many of us.

REALISE is a long term campaign to place visual culture at the centre of people’s lives, public policy and the political debate, creating a society where everyone can participate as critically empowered and creative citizens within our increasingly dynamic, diverse and global environment.

SIGN UP >> 2006 for 2006: REALISE represents a powerful and expanding alliance of individuals and organisations, to endorse the above statement of principle and aspiration email: Help us demonstrate the will of a critical mass, with 2006 signatories for 2006.