Quiggins Closes Today – Good

zap at quiggins 2Don’t get me wrong, I like all the little shops, enterprises and of course the ArtspeQ gallery in Quiggins but the fact is the building is a dump. Its filthy, poorly ventilated and stinks. The toilets and other facilities are a disgrace and where are the disabled facilities and access?

There’s been a lot of sentimental tosh talked about the place. The lease is up in a few years anyway so the peppercorn rates the proprietors enjoy know would certainly come to an end. The owners have been far too confrontational, even fighting between themselves a lot of the time.

I feel sorry for all the small businesses having to go through all this hassle but a move to the right place with a positive attitude could actually be a good thing in the end.

Its still not clear who is moving where and when, I’ll have to check out the Barcelona in Renshaw street next week to see if there’s any sign of ArtSpeq.
Good luck to them all.


  1. people dont get that it werent the fact wether the builind was old and wether its a dump it brought due to many peoples hearts including my own i love quiggins and barcelona wont be the same i spent many years trying to help save it but in the end it was not the down fall of the owners or the place it was the fact that the council wouldnt listen and people in the campaign commity got back handers of money given to them and if the council had given them the place to keep in the same place and gave money we could have all made it better it did have disabled facilities throught the back of it going up to the brooke cafe and there is a lift i love quiggins and i went on sat and took pics on my phone of it bordered up and it broke my heart liverpool would not be capital of culture if it werent for quiggins we now dont deserve it god bless quiggins and good luck to grin and i wish and hope peter comes bak with a better quiggins in such as john lewis love you guys who surported quiggins we did not get defreated we have the barcelona and if peter starts up thaat in john lewis we will have that

  2. non-corporate culture that includes discussion as well as commerce can be sold down the river, its called progress and leaves a ‘level’ killing field for capitals free trade. Also whats wrong with old, everthing doesnt have to have a new name of face. So long and sorely missed.

  3. Nothing wrong with old so long as its still in good condition and most importantly, safe.
    I never felt safe in the old quiggins. Tripping hazards, loose cables, old plumbing etc.

    The Barcelona place is being refurbished NOW! So its even more hazardous at the moment. They should have done it BEFORE they moved in but were too busy issuing silly threats about chaining themselves to the building etc.

  4. Ian,if you were that concerned about tripping hazards, loose cables, and old plumbing, then it sounds to me that you really aren’t the kind of person who would ever go into a place like Quiggins!

  5. the writer obviously has no concern for the people who hung out there for years.
    my mum has been going there since she was 16 years old, and hung out with her friends there, just like i did before it closed. Quiggins may of been just a shop to you, but to many others it was alot more than that. Quiggins was one of the only things that never changed for me, growing up brings lots of change, but i could always find peace there because id been going since i was walking, and it never changed. I am only 13, and my life isnt anything like it used to be. I wish quiggins was still there so i could at least hang on to one thing. The new shop is just a shop, its not the same. we didnt care about any of the technical stuff, the atmosphere made up for all of that.


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