Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Quiggins Closes Today – Good

zap at quiggins 2Don’t get me wrong, I like all the little shops, enterprises and of course the ArtspeQ gallery in Quiggins but the fact is the building is a dump. Its filthy, poorly ventilated and stinks. The toilets and other facilities are a disgrace and where are the disabled facilities and access?

There’s been a lot of sentimental tosh talked about the place. The lease is up in a few years anyway so the peppercorn rates the proprietors enjoy know would certainly come to an end. The owners have been far too confrontational, even fighting between themselves a lot of the time.

I feel sorry for all the small businesses having to go through all this hassle but a move to the right place with a positive attitude could actually be a good thing in the end.

Its still not clear who is moving where and when, I’ll have to check out the Barcelona in Renshaw street next week to see if there’s any sign of ArtSpeq.
Good luck to them all.