Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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‘Post It’ at the Atkinson, Southport

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Sunday, I was in Norton Priory, Monday at IKEA in Warrington (storage solutions for this ever-growing archive of Liverpool art info) and Tuesday we got the train up to Souhport (it was raining and awful delays with the trains). That’s 3 journeys out of Liverpool in 3 days! I’m not used to it, today I’m determined to go no further than Bold St.

Still, we enjoyed our trip to the Atkinson gallery. We met up with the curator of the ‘Post It’ exhibition, Craig Atkinson and his wife Joanne, they were married just a week after me and Minako very recently. Also a couple of guys from New York were visiting. One of them, Marc Boutges, has some pieces here.

It was a cool idea this. Artists worldwide were invited to send in pictures by post based on or inspired by the artworks in the Atkinson gallery collection but without actually seeing the original piece. The gallery has a huge collection and only a small fraction are ever on show. Craig sent out the long list of the titles and artist names.
The work had to be wall-based and A5 in size so they could be hung from clips on the nails in the walls..

So there are more than 200 exhibitors from over 30 countries and around 500 works on show in the one room.
Its amazing how many ideas people came up with for a work on A5. There’s every kind of painting, drawing, mixed media, photography and even some quilted embroidery.

You can see all the artworks online at the website specially created for the show: