NW Enquirer Features Liverpool Art Blog

northwestenquirer.jpgYou may have noticed this new weekly newspaper The North West Enquirer in the shops. Its out each Thursday, I bought a copy a few weeks ago and it seemed quite good. In fact, it must be good because they have a NW blogwatch which occasionally mentions the Art In Liverpool blog.
Not sure if the blogwatch is in the printed version or just online, I’ll have to buy it again to check it out. Have to say I buy less papers now than I used to because I can get most of the information online. Well, thats not the only reason, the main problem is the news reporting is dreadful. The Guardian used to be good but for a few years now has been no better than the tabloids with its current affairs reports being based not on facts but opinions, gossip, sensationalism, rumour, celebrity.
Thank god for RSS and Bloglines, I can just link to the Arts and Technology sections of the papers and scan them for anything of interest.