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‘New Dimension’ at ArtSpeq

New Dimension c. Louise Croft‘New Dimension’

An Exhibition of Sacred Geometry Art
Presented both In and Out of the Ultraviolet Spectrum

At ArtSpeq Quiggins May 6th – 27th 2006

Local artist, Louise Croft, presents a unique exhibition under her designation as Purple Heart Art. The exhibition presents a vision of the constructs of the Universe as depicted by the laws inherent in Sacred Geometry, an interpretation of the building blocks of creation.

The exhibition is staged in two parts; the dark and the light.

In the dark, where ultraviolet light is used to enable Louise to explore and express a visual creation whereby the art appears to manifest itself in the void. In the darkened arena, the observer should perceive to be in the void itself, with the images apparently floating around them. Stripped of his or her natural visual senses, the observer can only see with the aid of ultraviolet light, which excites the paint in the image so that it lives and breathes.

In the light, the art shows a progression and development of the Sacred Geometry theme. All the works shown here have been created using Sacred Geometry principles – arbitrary measurements from, and in relation to, an existing point. The work shows a level of detail and precise working consummate with Louise’s own spiritual awareness, whereby the most recent work has manifested through meditation.

There is something about the shapes and form of Sacred Geometry that gently caresses the soul and reassures the subconscious. In the extraordinary, yet familiar world that Louise creates, the sparks of our collective imaginations begin to fly…

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