New Artwork on the Met Qtr Hoardings

metqtrfeb06.jpgI joined the throng of press photographers last Thursday morning in Whitechapel for the unveiling of the latest artwork to be put onto the hoardings surrounding the Milligan ‘Met Quarter’ shopping development being built on the old Post Office site.
You may recall that in April 2005 I reported on the first batch of artwork here. That has all been stored away for a future exhibition to be replaced by the latest pieces by 2nd year students from Liverpool John Moores University led by lecturer Julia Midgley.
Some of the artwork is really good, look out for more of this stuff, there should be some in the Ropewalks area soon I believe.
Have to say the development is looking good too, I’m looking forward to it opening in March this year (yes, as soon as that!) and looking (only looking) round the posh shops (Hugo Boss, Armani etc.).
There’s more pictures of the event here.
Here is the full blurb on the liverpool08 website.
Artists: Bethany Ashcroft, Rachael Barker, Jennifer Davies, Amy De Nobriga, Rebecca Doherty-Bone, Daniel Garrett, Emily Gee, Claudia Lastra, Rebecca Long, Warren Nicholas, Annette Peacock, Maisie Platts, Katherine Prange, Erika Read, Alice Roberts, Angela Roberts, Gareth Shuttleworth and Ann Marie Prior.

Luckily, this development is directly opposite the 08 Place so we congregated there for a nice warming drink (coffee of course, it was only 10.30 am)