Miffy is 50 and is in Manchester

miffy-is-50.jpg pae-white.jpgWent to Manchester Art Gallery yesterday, they’ve built whole Miffy house there as its the 50th birthday of Dick Bruna’s creation.

Lots of noisy kids there for some reason spoiling the concentrations of us serious art-lovers.
You can read about and see examples of Bruna’s other works, he started off designing book jackets for the family publishing business.

In the next room is an excellent first solo exhibition in the UK by California-based artist Pae White. White’s artistic practice shifts across differing genres and media, from fine art and product design to urban planning and architecture, typography and graphics.

The exhibition, ‘in no particular order’, features three of White’s paper mobile sculptures, Chartwell, Chocolate Mint Almost and a new work Overneath (2005). Cascading from hundreds of nylon threads, brightly coloured shapes such as ovals, diamonds and hexagons, cut from silk-screened paper, perceptually flicker and tantalise the viewer. Also featured is an installation of the artist’s intricately designed bird cages which delicately hang amidst the reflecting light pools of the perspex sculpture Copy Cat Lap (1998).

Three large-scale tapestries playfully capture the artist’s interest in the disposable and throwaway. Extraordinary images of crumpled tin foil have been scanned and translated into large-scale tapestries.