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Microzine Collaborate with Liverpool Designers


Some nice designs and I’m glad to see local designers getting opportunities but T-shirts as collectors items? Hmm, I just wear mine till they are worn out then throw them away.

Microzine have collaborated with a group of local designers to produce a range of limited edition graphic t-shirts.

Inspired by terrace and trainer culture, Microzine gave the designers a selection of objects from the store as a starting point for the designs. This included limited edition and classic trainers as well as a set of collectable Pepsi bottle tops, each featuring a different Adidas shoe. Available to collect in Japan during the 2002 World Cup, Microzine obtained all sixty tops and now have them on display in store.

Eclectic items such as this have become iconic to ‘trainer heads’ worldwide, who can now, with the help of Microzine, sport their favourite kicks on their feet and on their t-shirts too.

The designers:
Ilsa Parry
Ste Burnett
Ant Braniff
Billy Hartnell

Just twenty of each t-shirt have been made, making them collector’s items of the future.

Priced at £29 available exclusively to Microzine, 65 – 67 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ UK