Monday, December 4, 2023
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Memories of Liverpool Buildings wanted

From Louise Wood…

I’m looking for some assistance with an art project I want to undertake for the Liverpool Biennial(Independents).

I’m an artist, making predominantly ceramic sculptures, inspired by the relationship between people and the buildings they occupy. As my art work is concerned with buildings and our memories associated with them, I intend to make a piece which responds to a cross section of the publics memories, about buildings now gone from the Liverpool landscape.

I’m looking for help from people who have strong ties with, or live in the city of Liverpool; for anyone who has a story involving a Liverpool building which has been demolished as part of the redevelopment. I’m looking for anyone who has fond recollections, or strong memories of a Liverpool building, no longer in existence; and would be willing to tell me their story. Or any individual who feels there is a building worthy of redevelopment which has been overlooked. Perhaps a building was special to them because they met their partner there, worked there, brought up their family there, or got married there. The buildings do not have to be of any great historical or architectural merit, although they might be, I’m more interested in peoples personal connections with buildings.

If you feel you could help me with the above, please contact me on:

Many Thanks,
Louise Wood